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How to Make a Great Cup of Coffee

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Talk Cover Page

I presented a two hour talk called “How to Make a Great Cup of Coffee.”

Here is the slide deck I used. I also published it for the attendees as a chapbook.

The talk focused on basics:

  • Cold brewing coffee, plunge frother
  • Arabica vs robusta
  • Coffee maker types: gravity, immersion, steam pressure, vacuum and pump espresso
  • Paper vs screen filters
  • Burr vs blade grinders
  • Growing coffee
  • Coffee pods
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May 15, 2016

Coffee Smoothie

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This is my favourite recipe for a coffee smoothie.

First I purchased a few bottles at the grocery store. The drink is amazing but what I really wanted was the resealable bottles.

Lorina Lemonade bottles


The bottles are strong and the seal is both interesting and functional.

Cold Brewed Coffee Syrup
Next rather than making small batches of coffee syrup I moved to a 12 cup French Press. I put in 150 grams of coffee and fill with water. After sitting 24 hours in the fridge I get a full bottle of syrup. This is basically triple strength.

The other bottle is sugar syrup. I tried cocoa rather than Quik and really liked the result. You have to change the amount of sugar syrup as cocoa has no sugar or sweetener in it.

The last change was adding a banana. One issue with the original recipe is the drink tends to separate into the ice on top and the fluid below. The banana adds a pulp that keeps the drink from separating. It also is more creamy.

Here is the revised recipe.
Iced Coffee Smoothie
1/2 cup Cold Brewed Coffee Syrup
1/4 cup cold Sugar Syrup
1 tbsp cocoa
1 peeled banana
1 1/4 cup cold milk
1 1/2 cup ice cubes

  1. In a blender place Cold Brewed Coffee Syrup, milk, Simple Sugar Syrup, banana and cocoa
  2. Add last ice cubes last to avoid melting
  3. Whip and pour
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Apr 7, 2014

Maria Biscuits

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When Matias and I were at the old plantation, Roberto’s wife would serve us coffee and Maria biscuits. They were wonderful to dunk in the local rich coffee. I was so pleased when I returned to Canada and found them in my local grocery store. Now our nightly coffee includes a few Maria cookies with our coffee.

Galleta MarĂ­a Biscuit

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Feb 15, 2011