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Rich Helms
“It’s never been done” is a call to action for Rich. He has built a career on breaking new grounds in the computer field. He developed CARES (Computer Assisted Recovery Enhancement System) for the Metropolitan Toronto Police. CARES was the first computer system in the world for aging missing children. CARES has been internationally recognized as pioneering work in child aging and was featured on many television shows including Top Cops. The project was also bestowed with a Metro Toronto Police award.
Toronto Police Services Forensic Identification Services

Rich is a seasoned software developer with over 30 years of experience including Research and Development (R&D), sales and marketing. He spent 22 years in various positions at IBM and two years as the Vice President of R&D for Interactive Image Technologies in Toronto. From 2001 to 2009, Rich owned and managed Rume Interactive Canada. Rich is now CTO of the Enabl-u Technologies Corporation. His credentials range from deep technical work (five patents in hardware and software with a sixth pending) to running multi-national R&D.

Rich is a graduate of the Coffee Lab International Commercial Roaster course. Rich also spent a week on the Down to Earth Estate in Providencia de Dota, a coffee plantation high in the mountains south of San Jose.

Rich can be found in his coffee office roasting coffee and working on software.


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  1. Hello

    Kind Regards from Costa Rica

    I have a doubt about the temperature controls supported by Artisian, I own OMRON E5CN PID Digital Temperature Control, but it doesn’t appear on the list.
    Can it be used under any other model such as OMEGA or FUJI?


  2. Hi Rich,

    I recently purchased a Diedrich IR 2.5 and had them install the data logger. It turns out the data logger is a Dataq DI-145 and supports a software called windaq which updates information into an excel spreadsheet. I’m hoping to use your software but don’t believe it supports the DI-145 data logger. Is there any work arounds for this? I really need a software I can track a current roast against a previous roast profile. Let me know if you have any advice or opinions. Thank you!


  3. Hey Rich,

    Have you followed through with doing the same Co2 emission experiment with a light/medium roast instead of a Fullcity/Dark?

    I’m curious to see the results!

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