Maria Biscuits

When Matias and I were at the old plantation, Roberto’s wife would serve us coffee and Maria biscuits. They were wonderful to dunk in the local rich coffee. I was so pleased when I returned to Canada and found them in my local grocery store. Now our nightly coffee includes a few Maria cookies with our coffee.

Galleta MarĂ­a Biscuit

4 thoughts on “Maria Biscuits”

  1. Rich, you are becoming full Costa Rican! Did not know that you had fallen for Galletas Maria. They are a memory of my childhood, and can be used to make many things, including pie crusts. We used to goof around trying to fit one whole cookie in our mouths without breaking it.

    Just as an update on the cookie, the company that created them was bought out by Nabisco a few years ago, so they are now part of a multinational. I guess that is the reason you found them in Toronto.

  2. Love them. The ones we get are made in Spain. They are similar to other biscuits here. A standard when I serve coffee now.

  3. Hey Rich! We discovered Maria biscuits about a year ago. They are lovely with coffee and with tea. I assume hot chocolate is another great combo with Marias.

    I bought them with our grandson in mind — “Kai Cookies” went over quite well at Christmas 2009.

    So Cameron and I have ground the last of your lovely coffee — peasant blend has just been polished off. We only have the decaf left and I must say, for decaf, it really is a grand coffee. Full and rich with a great post-grind scent. Yum!

    At my workshop yesterday, I brought a blend of your peasant and some store-bought. Made extra special coffee indeed. Two pots disappeared quickly.


  4. Ruth

    I bet Marias would be excellent with Hot Chocolate.

    Excellent. Would you like me to roast some more up for you? I also got some Costa Rica beans. Similar to Nicaragua and Guatemala. Is your fav the Nicaragua/East Timor?

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