HH506RA Roasting Software

Today I did a roast with the new software. The graph is not labeled yet. Each horizontal line is 100oF while each vertical line is 30 seconds. The system will handle Celsius but it uses the same scale right now. The data logger tells me which temperature system the readings are.

A few interesting things in the software:

  • The system scans the available com ports and displays them in reverse order. As the USB serial port is usually the last created, it will come up first and selected by default.
  • Clicking on Load starts the logging. A reading is taken every 30 seconds.
  • User can click on save to set the file name or any time after to force a save.
  • The file name is auto generated based on the bean name as the date/time of the roast.
  • When you save the results it saves them in the format used by my WordPress roasting profile plotting. It also saves an image of the graph. Unfortunately Just Basic only supports saving in BMP so for web use a conversion is necessary to PNG or GIF.
  • When First Crack is clicked it saves the time as well as drawing the black vertical line. Same for second crack.
  • Clicking on Dump records the final readings as well as saving the readings and image.
  • The system automatically handles bad data transmission. The HH506RA sometimes throws an error during data transmission. The system even compensates for time lost as it takes 1 second to read a temperature.
Saved Screen for Nicaragua SHG-2010-05-30-10-23

Next task is the improve the graph giving better scaling and labels. I also want to add standard profile plots that can be selected to show burner, fan and airflow settings. Also I want the ability to load a previous roast so that you can compare as it is roasting to see how they compare.

If any one of you is interested inĀ  trying the software just email me. Using the HH506RA probes on a HotTop is a popular modification. I will release the software once it gets more polished. One nice things about the Omega HH506RA is any probes can be connected with a pair of miniature plugs. This setup can be used with larger roasters that have K type probes installed.

HotTop roaster, Omega HH506RA data logger, installed probes and XP computer


3 thoughts on “HH506RA Roasting Software”

  1. Does this logger have the capability to record without being plugged into the computer? Then plugged in at a later time to retrieve the information recorded?

    1. I have several documents on the logger including the manual and documentation on talking to it. I have never used the Log/Read functions. If you would like to email me at rich@wsws.ca I can send them to you.

  2. The logger can record at a specified time interval then read it back later. I have never explored it in software. I have only used the logger to report realtime (ie when I send a read request to it.)

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