HH506RA Roasting Software

Today I did a roast with the new software. The graph is not labeled yet. Each horizontal line is 100oF while each vertical line is 30 seconds. The system will handle Celsius but it uses the same scale right now. The data logger tells me which temperature system the readings are.

A few interesting things in the software: Continue reading “HH506RA Roasting Software”

HH506RA Software

I now have the Omega HH506RA talking to the computer via the USB cable running the Omega software. The software works and you can log the results but it is clumsy to do what I want which is record the temperature and plot both probes every 30 seconds.

So far I can communicate to the logger, read values and translate the return values.

Some of the valuable resources for people working on this include:

I will start posting the program as I get it into some shape.

Connecting to the Computer

Now that the probes were installed, I started to seriously look at the datalogger and connecting it to my computer.

HotTop roaster, Omega HH506RA data logger, installed probes and XP computer

The equipment I use is:

1 – HH506RA – Omega 2 channel datalogger (Website Canada) (Website US)
1 – HH506RA-USB-SW – Omega USB optical interface cable
2 – KTSS-HH – Omega 6″ K-type probes (Website US)

First the HH506RA has to be set up. Plug in the two K-type probes. Continue reading “Connecting to the Computer”

Omega Datalogger and the HotTop

Complete Unit with both probes

In the previous post I had attached the Omega HH506RA to one KTSS-HH probe and mounted that probe in the HotTop. Now I attached the second probe for the drum temperature.

All of this started with a web page by Randy Glass.
http://home.surewest.net/frcn/Coffee/HowToHottopTemp.html (page gone now)

Here is the guide that was mode on how to modify the top to install probes. I did not write it. Mods to cover for probes

After attending roasting school I wanted both a bean and drum probe. The probe built into the HotTop is above the bean mass. Continue reading “Omega Datalogger and the HotTop”