Cupping Supplies

On my quest to create a complete coffee facility I have been looking for coffee cupping supplies. While there are sites in the US for purchasing cups for $2.50 each, I was pleased to find a restaurant supply house locally that sells broth bowls that work perfectly.

With the standard cupping rate of 7.25 grams coffee to 150 ml water, these bowls are 170 ml so 8.25 grams is required. One thing that took me a while to figure out is how to measure the capacity. The nice things about the metric system is that one ml of water weighs one gram so all I had to do was place the empty bowl on a scale, tarr (zero) it, then fill it with water. For my bowls the water weights 170 grams so the bowl capacity is 170ml.

To calculate the amount of coffee multiple 7.25 * 170 / 150. This gives us 8.25 g (technically 8.22 g).

Now I just need to find spoons and cocktail mixers as spittoons.