About the Coffee Troupe

The Coffee Troupe site is about coffee technology, specifically coffee bean roasting techniques and software.

Rich Helms is a graduate of the Coffee Lab International School of Coffee’s “Roasting and Cupping Course.” He is now applying his computer programming to roasting.

9 thoughts on “About the Coffee Troupe”

  1. Dear Rich,

    I’m a fellow coffee fanatic and recently came across your site. I operate a coffee gear blog where I discuss coffee makers and coffee gadgets. The site is targeted towards a more general audience, and I’m always looking for resources to point readers toward. I think my visitors would be interested in Coffee Troupe.

    Would you be interested in doing a link exchange? I can give Coffee Troupe a link on my blogroll, which would appear in the right column of every page.

    All the best,

  2. Karl

    I looked up Probatino. Nice unit

    Questions: Are probes installed right now? Is there a control unit connected to probes?

    Any appropriate probes could be connected to a datalogger such as the Omega HH506RA. Probes are pretty generic as they are analog devices.

    1. The question is are you grinding? Ground coffee is degassed in 12-24 hours. If you are doing whole beans they will degas for a week. That is why almost all vacuum packed coffee is pre-ground

  3. Alexander

    I have never heard of receiving coffee with the parchment left on. Sorry, I am not familiar with any small de-hullers. If you do find one I would love to hear about it

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