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Your Second Roast – Background Profile

Recording the temperature curves as the roast is useful but the real power is comparing one roast to another. Recently I received green coffee from a plantation that I visited. The challenge was the freshness of the coffee. These bean were dried only a few weeks ago. This demanded a more aggressive roast than I am used to. The plantation owner who is also a roaster told me the parameters he uses. He reaches first crack in 14 minutes, I was taking over 18.

Now I could use the real power of artisan, comparing roasts in real time. In this chapter we will load the profile from the first roast then see how the second roast can build on the experience. First load the older roast that will be the basis of the comparison.

Click on Roast / Profile Background… and select the profile.

Click on Select Profile to select the background profile file. Then click Load to load it to the screen. The background profile appearance can be modified with the balance of the panel. Click Close when done.

Now the First Roast profile is displayed as a lighter background.

Background loaded with first roast profile

Start the roast as done in “Your First Roast.” As the roast is displayed it will overlay the background roast. The two roast profiles will sync on the CHARGE time.

New roast is plotted over the background plot

The background profile has no effect on the current roast profile except to act as a background to the graph. All other factors remain the same.

You can even do background comparisons after the roast is complete. Load the background profile with Roast / Profile Background… and File / Open… to load the main profile.

Final Comparison


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