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Using File/New Explained

Problem: I’m still having this issue where a 2nd or 3rd roast using a background causes the axis to display a large minus number and a larger positive number like -17 min to 23 min. No amount of re-entering the axis values will change it. The roast starts at the correct value, 0.0.

Answer: Sorry for the lack of information. There are a few things that need to be improved. “New” behavior in the File menu does two things depending on the state of the roast. It was made to be used with the keyboard shortcut CRTL+n for batch roasts.

This is the behavior of New:

1 If the roast is unfinished (If the button Drop was not pressed). This is used with the autosafe feature:

– Presses button Drop
– Presses button OFF (Stops the roast )
– Check if the roast was safe with the Autosafe feature (create a name for the profile and save it to a file)
– Press button Reset
– Presses button ON (Starts a new roast )

2 If the roast is finished (if the button Drop was already pressed):

– Presses button ON (does not delete or clears anything)

The button RESET: Clears data and screen. It deletes all the information (like markers) of the current profile. It is used when transitioning from one profile to the next. For example, if you have finished recording a profile (ON+ CHARGE + …. + DROP + OFF), then you would save it to a file, and then press RESET to make the resources available for the next profile. Once RESET is press all the profile data is wiped out to make room for the next profile.

So in your case, you did not have to press New, which may have caused strange behavior. I tried it on my computer but I was not able to reproduce your problem. I think you did not press OFF (your max time kept growing and saved for the next profile).

There is a check mark in the menu Config/Axes called “Keep Max time after Reset”. If you uncheck it, then when you press RESET, the maximum time will be only one minute. This time auto adjusts during the roast so that all the data is displayed.

The normal operation is like this:

Press ON (maybe 1-3 minutes before pressing CHARGE)
Press CHARGE (now the time zero is the CHARGE time)
Press intermideate Markers (Dryend, First Crack, etc)
Press DROP (note: the recording is still going on)
Press OFF: (important. I think you did not press this button. This stops the recording)
Save profile to a text file

Now to start a new roast:

Press RESET (clear the display for the next roast)
Press ON

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