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Visual scope for coffee roasters

Slow Performance

Problem: Large number of events causing performance issues
With over ~20 events, and a full ~18 min roast curve (sample interval: 1s) a button press takes almost 3 minutes to reach the assigned action.

The library matplotlib cannot deal with ~25+ text annotations in a speedy manner. To overcome this limitation, there is a flag in the menu Config/Events../show. Please unchecked this flag “show”. This will prevent showing the annotations of the events and the performance will not suffer. Once you have finished recording, you can put the flag back on and all the events will show.

Also, if you unchecked “type bars” the performance is not as bad recording 20+ Events. The flag “Type Bars” in the menu Config/Event… slows doing the redraw() function and should be unchecked if planning to do more than 20 events. So you can either show the events with “Type Bars” unchecked, or you could not show then at all if you don’t want the performance penalty of redrawing 20+ Events.

This only applies to people that presses the Event button + 20 times.