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Plotting Without a Device

Artisan can be used without an interface device connecting the computer to the roaster. Temperatures and events are manually entered into the program. The plot can then become a reference profile for comparisons to future roasts.

To work manually click Conf / Device… and select Device NONE

To plot the roast use the Event Buttons but when a button is clicked, a dialog box will appear to ask for the temperature.

Event Buttons - click for details

As described in Your First Roast click ON to start. Click each event at the time the event happens and enter the temp. Selecting the ET checkbox will ask for Environment Temperature as well as Bean Temperature.

When the roast is complete click OFF to stop recording.

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10 Responses to “Plotting Without a Device”

  • sdelgran says:

    >>Selecting the ET checkbox will ask for Environment Temperature as well as Bean Temperature.

    I see E and T are in bold. Shoudln’t B and T be in bold too?

  • Peter says:

    I wish the when device set to NONE, the event box will remain OPEN after entering the value. It will ease user to enter latest temperature without clicking the event button so many times. I use a infra red temperature so I can take value every 5 secs throughout the roasting.

    Thank you.

  • RichHelms says:


    I forwarded your comment to the developers.

  • Barrie Fairley says:

    I am a new user, having downloaded 0.6.0. I use a Hottop with an HTC/TC4C combo. So far things look pretty good and the computer and Hottop are talking to each other, although they have yet to be completely coherent, so to speak. Heh, I am just learning! I would like to do dummy runs without the HT connected but the displays in the Plotting without a Device section to not seem to apply to the latest version of Artisan?

  • Jono says:

    Hi, Currently, I am plotting without an attached device.

    I want to be able to plot airflow, gas BTU, rate of change and temperature all on the same roast profile.

    How do I do this? Sorry if I’m being dim. Just can’t figure it out.

  • lise says:

    I am confused about the event tab in the properties. It seems to allow you to edit times and add events but then the edited time doesn’t stick. they always revert to the original time or, the time that the roast was ended, or some other strange configuration: for instance, I changed times for three events from 2:10 and 3:11 to 2 and 3, and they became 0:10 and 0:11 afer I hit reorder.

    Being able to edit the events would be so useful if i could get it to work. Otherwise I’m not actually sure what that tab is there for, since all that info is under the data tab as an uneditable record anyway…

    One thing Id like to do is enter previous paper logged profiles without having to do it in real time. Then i could just change the times on each entry to minute increments.

    any input would be appreciated as to what i might be doing wrong

  • lise says:

    Hmm…Changing the times in the mini editor doesn’t seem to work either, whereas it’s always worked for me before while plotting with an input device, though I cant say i’ve tried it in the latest version…

  • Graham Kennedy says:

    Hi Lise,

    Try changing the time of the event you want to change, click OK to accept the change, this will close the Event Tab.

    Re-Open the Event Tab, and you should find the time has changed (and the Temp to match the time), then you can do the re-order and the time seems to stick to what you changed it to.


  • boyd says:

    I have been given the task of connecting to a roaster that has a hmi it has a 485 port the address is I have plugged in the address but must be missing something as I have no information coming in.