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Visual scope for coffee roasters

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Home – Reset Original View

Back to Previous View – Forward to Next View

These are akin to the web browser forward and back buttons. They are used to navigate back and forth between previously defined views. They have no meaning unless you have already navigated somewhere else using the pan and zoom buttons. This is analogous to trying to click Back on your web browser before visiting a new page –nothing happens. Home always takes you to the first, default view of your data. For Home, Forward and Back, think web browser where data views are web pages. Use the pan and zoom to rectangle to define new views.

Pan Axis with left mouse button, zoom with right

Zoom to rectangle
Click this button then drag a rectangle on the graph to zoom in. Click on the Home button to return to the full graph view.

Configure Subplots

Configure how graph and titles appear in window.

Edit Curve Lines and Axes Parameters

Configure the Axes and how the curves will appear.

Save the Figure

Example using several controls

Start with the example roast profile.

Starting Point

Click Pan button and drag with right button to the left. This will make the graph data smaller.

Drag with the left button down to the left to reposition the graph

Click zoom to regtangle and select area around first crack

Back button returns to the full view

Forward buttons returns to the zoomed in rectangle

Click HOME to return to original view.

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