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Visual scope for coffee roasters

Advanced plotting – HUD, Reset

HUD / RESET buttons

The RESET button is used to clear the existing profile and roast. WARNING – there is no confirmation message.

HUD (Heads Up Display) is used to predict based on current conditions when a predefined temperature will happen. To set the goal click on Conf(igure) / Extras.

Extras HUD Configuration

The next series of screens show the roast as it progresses.

8 Minutes in

Eight minutes in several things to note. Under Extras / HUD both DeltaET and DeltaBT are checked so they are plotted at the bottom in Orange and Blue. Dry End was clicked at 7:43 and the system is showing a linear projection of the temperatures (squares coming out of the graph.)

Almost 11 minutes in

Notice the power and fan settings. Power was 10 at 4:00 and lowered to 7 at 6:10. Fan started at 0 and went to 1 at 6:00 and 2 at 8:45.

Almost 19:00 minutes in

First crack started at 15:45 and ended at 17:18. Fan speeds were increased and decreased. The change in temperature for both bean and environment stayed relatively constant.

After Drop

Beans were dropped at 20:14. The temperature immediately starts to drop as the fan is turned to full power. OFF was clicked to stop recording.

Noted statistics at the top:
7:43 spent in drying phase for 38% of the roast. The temperature climbed at 25.5 degrees per minute on average.
8:01 spend to first crack or 39% of the roast. Temperature climb averaged 11.8 degrees per minute.
From start of first crack to end of roast was 4:29 or 22% of the roast. Temperature climb was 8.8 degrees per minute.

Time was spent putting in the power and fan so that this could be a reference profile for future roasts.

Once the roast is complete the Roast Profile is updated.

Events for Power and Fan could be updated.

Then File / Create HTML Report can be used to view the total summary.
Click to view the HTML report for this sample roast.

Extras Dialog

There are three other Extras dialogs.

Extras Math

Set how interpolation is calculated.

Profile Information is displayed

Univariate work is there for future release work related to the NONE device and being able to manually enter temperatures. If Univariate Info button is clicked then the Profile Information dialog appears.

Univariate On Profile Graph

If the Univariate checkbox is selected then the equation is plotted on the profile graph.

Extras Sound

The sound tab is again there for future work and is not used right now.

Extras Style

Style sets the windows display format.

Using a Background Profile with HUD

As explained in Your Second Roast – Background Profile a background profile can be set. Then the current roast will display over a background version of the prior roast. This is a second roast using the above roast as a background.

Using above roast as a background profile

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