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Extra Device Assignment (V 0.5.0)

There are two new boxes in the Device Assignment that are called ET(x) and BT(x) respectively. These boxes allow you to do the opposite of new extra devices. They assign extra devices to ET or BT.

Device Assignment Extra Device

Say you have only one PID connected as ET but you have no device for BT (buying two PIDs is expensive). You could control ET but then, you could not use the recording buttons because there is no BT device. But if you were to connect a dual thermocouple meter as an extra device, you could take one of the outputs of the meter and make it BT. You would have to put in the BT(x) box for Y3 (the first thermocouple of the dual meter,) or any other Y. Now you have both a controlling PID and also BT.

Question: I have a Center 309 with 4 channels. I use 2 of them now for ET and BT but would like to assign number 3 to a exhaust temperature probe and plot this on the Artisan. Is this possible now?

Answer: To plot the 3th and 4th thermocouples, you need to add an extra device called +309_34


8 Responses to “Extra Device Assignment (V 0.5.0)”

  • Matt Blossom says:

    I have a National Instruments NI 9211 connected to my computer through USB. Can that device be configured to the Artisan software?

  • T.Takahashi says:

    Question:I do not know how to add an extra device No.3 and No.4 of Center309(4 channel).
    Please tell me the procedure.

  • Arpi says:


    In the extra devices tab, you need to add a device called “+309_34”


  • Tom Chips says:

    I haven’t had to mess with my Artisan setup for close to 4 years when I got my TC4C probe from JimG. I decided to rearrange and start using a probe that I hadn’t in a while by putting as my exhaust air temp. Try as I might, I couldn’t get the probe to pick up. I ended up doing a factory reset to start over and I can’t even get the software to find the RYE input that used to work. I have no computer software skills at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Gary Au says:

    I’m using the Center 300 K-type thermometer and connect to artisan 0.8.0. The temperature recorded supposed to be BT but it’s shown as ET inside artisan. What config should I set inside artisan, I’m a computer idiot. Anyone could help? Many Thanks!!

  • Gary Seeman says:

    I’m trying to set up Phidget 1048 in a Mac (OS X 10.7.5) to show BT, ET and MET. I’ve been able to display temps from all three probes successfully by configuring an extra device and choosing Phidget 1048_34. Is there a way to rename extra device 1 as MET? Extra device 2 displays 748.6F even though there is no fourth probe attached to the Phidget. Is there a way to eliminate that display and get the graph to not read that elevated false temperature?


  • Gary Seeman says:

    Steve from Mill City answered this on Home-Barista.

    The solution is to uncheck the second extra device on the configuration screen and to rename Extra 1 to MET in the box that allows that. Mac users may need to scroll to the right in the configuration window to see where you can uncheck Extra 2.