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5 bytes received but 14 expected

Wrong count received

There are variations on this but the general message is the number of bytes expected from the data logger was not correct. To cases need to be looked at:

  1. Zero bytes received.
    This means the command to fetch data was sent to the logger but none were received back. This is usually caused by the communications not configured corrected (wrong port) or the device is not turned on or not connected.
  2. 5 bytes received but 14 needed.
    There are variations on this message but it indicates a response was received from the device (ie it is talking) but it was not the correct length. If you are using an HH506RA it is an error message of a bad response. As long as it is intermittent you can ignore it.

Squashed Summary Plot

Squashed Summary Plot

This happens with the Charge button is pressed too soon after ON pressed. To fix go to Roast/Properties and put a CHARGE value of 00:01.

Roast Properties - General

9 Responses to “Errors”

  • DAn McDaniel says:

    Have amprobe tmd 56. It works intermitenly on my pc for a few roasts. When not working it shows -1.0 temperature reading for each of the two probes. Error messages say something like 10 bytes received but 12 needed? Tried downloading mac version but could never get vcp driver to communicate.
    I am stumped and frustrated after having it work beautifully for 3 or 4 roasts.

    Please help

    • igor says:

      I have same problem, my amprobe tmd 56 wors well at windows 7, now I install win 10 and now it show 0 bytes received but 14 needed. I don know what todo… HELP US !!!

  • Shin says:

    I have a UT 61B multi meter.
    does arisan support this UT 61B?

    now I’m trying to search install and setup… But until now fail…..
    want to use this program…plz…

    If this meter can connect artisan, please tell me how to do.
    add this UT 61B


  • baysidedweller says:

    I have the latest 0.6.0 version and is running Windows 7 Home Premium and keeps getting the error msg – Artisan has stopped working and then the program stopped. Like to find out why????

  • Barrie says:

    I have downloaded Artisan 6.0 successfully and, without being connected to anything yet, get the Artisan window opening with buttons at the top. However, I do not see any bar of buttons at the bottom of the window. Is that because I am not connected or is there a problem?

    • Brian Kyubok Simson says:

      Hi, Barrie!
      It is right. Try to click START button. then you can find 9 buttons from CHARGE to COOL END and EVENT. The Artisan also support Virtual Device & Plotting without a Device. Detailed instruction are on the right upper side of this page, as you can find it.

  • dika says:

    hi.. server artisan. I have downloaded Artisan 8.0 successfully and, without being connected to anything yet, get the Artisan window opening with buttons at the top.I have a problem in display right off. why problem and how to repair

  • Tomas says:

    I have Arduino TC4 connection with 2 thermocouples. When checking the that they work using Arduino (chan, 1234; read) I get them to work, checked by putting one and then the other in hot water.

    However, when I look at Artisan I only get one to work and after a while I get com port error message. If I then go back to arduino and check, both are working.

    Are there any particular settings in Artisan that could cause this problem? Any help would be very appreciated.


  • Cisco says:

    I have been looking all over the place but cannot find out how to calibrate my thermocouples. I have placed them in ice to see how close they get to 32 deg, but they are 8 deg over and for the life of me I cannot find how to calibrate them in artisan. I am using the Arduino TC4 shield for data capture.