Artisan Documentation

Visual scope for coffee roasters


Core Developers

  • Rafael Cobo
  • Marko Luther
  • Sebastien Delgrande


  • Lukas Kolbe (Linux binary)
  • Rich Helms (documentation)
  • Markus Wagner (TEVA18B support)
  • Martin Kral (Swedish localization)
  • Bluequijote (Spanish localization)
  • Jim Gallt (Arduino/TC4)
  • Marcio Carneiro (Arduino/TC4)

2 Responses to “Credits”

  • kkkkk says:

    Hi, I’m having troubles setting the serial configuration. It keeps on giving out error messages saying, “Modbus Error: readSingleRegister() could not open port ‘COM4’: WindowsError(5, ‘\…”)”
    Please can I get any hints to fix this problem.
    Thank you.

  • abdulwahhab says:

    iwould like to inquire about artisan developer, need to know if other parameters that could effect on time roasting stages….

    Many thanks