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Config/Extras – Sensitivity and Filter

Latest screens. With recent updates sensitivity is not needed anymore. You can adjust the RoR (DeltaBT/ET) axis max/min using the axis dialog (menu Config/Axes).



The Delta ET and BT can be plotted on the bottom. Delta is the change in temperature per minute. I.E. a Delta of 10 means the temperature is climbing at 10 degrees per minute. This is very useful between first and second crack for fine tuning a roast.

As the Delta is usually a small number plotting it on the same vertical scale as the temperature would make for a line close to the X axis with little detail. Sensitivity and Filter can be set in the Config/Extras dialog.

Sensitivity causes a multiplier effect on the Delta plot to increase the vertical value. Filter smooths the graph. These examples illustrate the results of setting both.

Sensitivity 1 Filter 6

Graph Sensitivity 1 Filter 6

Graph Sensitivity 10 Filter 6

Graph Sensitivity 10 Filter 1

Graph Sensitivity 10 Filter 10

Technical note: BT has a 50 degree offset and the ET has a 100 degree offset added for display clarity. Each increment of sensitivity multiplies the deg/sec temperature change by 20 for further visual clarity.

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